Gabala is a unique and beautiful region, located on the bank of Demiraparanchay River & overlooking the highest peak of Azerbaijan – Bazardyuzyu mountain (altitude 4466 m).

The main sight of Gabala is the ruins of an ancient town, located in 15km from the city center.  This famous place, called “Kabalaka” was mentioned in historical sources of the 1st century, and for 600 years was the capital of Caucasian Albania.

The main places of interests are: Ancient Village Nij with its Albanian temple (IV-VII), ancient defensive tower (IХ-ХI), Ustajan Tower (IХ-ХIV) & other interesting sights for all kind of tourists.

Nij is a homeland to a specific ethnic group – Azerbaijani-Udi, who are considered as descendants of the Caucasian Albanians.

Modern infrastructure of hotels & resorts provides high level of services that will satisfy needs of worldly-wise tourists. Every summer Gabala hosts international festivals, which attract famous musicians, artists & art collectives from all over the world.

Optional places to visit:

  • Gabala Historical Museum
  • Ancient town Kabalaka
  • Gabala Land Entertainment center
  • Summer-Winter Touristic Complex Tufandag
  • Ropeway
  • Nij village, Albanian temple
  • Gabala Shooting Center
  • Nohur Lake
  • “Seven Beauties” Waterfall
  • Trip to the winery with degustation of local wines

We can combine this program with other cities on the route (upon request & time)