Caravans For Rent

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the long open road. Steer through miles of open Caucasian scenery or rumble along the coastline, as you embark upon a road trip to remember. Tempted yet? After all, what better way to travel than by taking your home with you?
  • CI Wilk 400 HKT

    CI WILK 400 HKT The front of the caravan is a large dining area for 4 – 5 people, transforming into a large bed for 2-3 people. There is a kitchen and a toilet with a shower behind. In the middle there is a refrigerator, lockers and a gas oven. Price: From 2 to 6 […]

  • Home Car Racer 43

    Home Car Racer 43 The front of the caravan is a large double bed. Behind is the dining area, transformed into a single bed for an adult or a double for children. There is also a toilet and a shower in the back. In the middle of the trailer there is a kitchen, a closet, […]

Short term caravan rental is for a minimum of 2 days. You can tow yourself or we will deliver! (towing fee applies). Caravans are fitted with electric fridges, a gas or electric hob and sink. Sleep up to 4 people. Plates, pots and pans etc can be arranged per hire up to 4 people. Linen & bedding also available for single and double set.
For more information on available caravans and pricing please call +99470 9940038 or email

Please note, these are just a few examples of our short term rentals. All caravans are subject to availability.

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